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I’m Bobbie Spera, a Professional Organizer, Home Management Consultant, entrepreneur, and mother to an amazing little boy.  It is my passion and purpose to help others simplify their lives! I do this by providing my clients with a personalized organizing experience, hands-on help, and knowledgeable guidance.

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Thanksgiving Entertaining Made Easy

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly… and for many of us that means hosting a holiday dinner for family and friends.  This should be an exciting, happy event but sometimes it can become overwhelming and stressful!  Do you know the feeling?  This Thanksgiving I’d like to help you entertain the easy way!  And in my world “easy” translates to “organized!!”

I love to host gatherings (especially Thanksgiving – it’s my favorite holiday); but the only way I can be a good hostess and still enjoy it is by being organized!  Here are my 5 favorite tips for entertaining – no matter what the occasion or amount of guests on the list. Read more »

Keeping Up with the “Pinners”

The saying used to be “keeping up with the Joneses”.  You know the Joneses, they were the neighbor who had the newest of everything, their kids behaved perfectly, a home-cooked dinner was on the table at 5 every night, the grass was green, the car was clean, and everything just seemed peachy.  That’s reality, right???  NOT!

I think that for many years now people have recognized that obtaining that level of “perfection” was not realistic.  However, I’ve found that recently we’ve been slipping into this mindset again.  Read more »

FREE is a 4-Letter F-Word

Yup, I said it… FREE is a 4-letter F-word!  Dramatic much?  I know, I know.  But think about it… Read more »

Create Your Own “White” Board

When I’m not working with clients… I’m working in my home office.  So it’s important to me to be surrounded by things that make me happy (and pretty things do that for me)!  ;-)  For example, I didn’t want a traditional whiteboard looking all utilitarian in the office.  Bleh! However, I did want the function of a whiteboard.  Check out my YouTube Video to see what I came up with.

(Note that in the video, my office was NOT finished & prettied up yet… I’ll post another blog later so you can see the finished space!)

If you create your own version of a white board I’d love to hear about it!

Take the Challenge!

If you’ve read my blog, worked with me, or heard me speak at a seminar then you know that I absolutely believe in meal planning. It’s an important part of home management and it can really save you time and money. It can take a little bit of effort up front, but it is absolutely worth it in the long run. Today, to take meal planning one step further, a fellow blogger would like you to rise up to a new challenge!  Drum roll please……..  Eat all of your meals, varied and healthy, on a $25 a week budget! Yes, you read that right… $25 a week! Read more »

Organize Outside for Spring

If you are already experiencing Spring-like weather, as we are here in PA… then you’re probably itching to get outside and enjoy it.  But before you sit back and relax in your favorite sunny spot, there are some outdoor items you should tend to.  Get these things on your calendar (or on your honey-do list) and complete them sooner rather than later.  You’ll be set for a care-free Spring and Summer. Read more »

Managing the Recipe Mess

How many recipes do you have laying around? Perhaps they’re in drawers or folders, on the counter, taped inside your cupboards, stuffed into cookbooks, or where ever you prefer to stash them!  Maybe you’ve printed them out from an on-line site, had them handed down from your grandma, clipped them from a magazine, or received them from the last potluck or party you attended.  However you’ve acquired them I want you to gather the recipes ALL together, because it’s time to manage the mess! Read more »

Home Management 101

(I originally wrote this article for Families With Purpose.)

Each new year is an opportunity for a fresh start; a chance to make your life better.  Which is why now is the perfect time to become the COO of your home. The CO-what? The COO – Chief Organizing Officer!  ;-) As moms, wives, and even just as women we typically have the very BIG and important job of running our households (day in and day out).  So, why not have the title to go along with it?!

But, I don’t want you to just have the title… I want you to live up to it.  And here’s how you’re going to do it:  run your home like a business that’s been infused with order and lots of love.  Sound silly?  Well, think about why big businesses are successful.  They have structure, plans, organization, and the dedication to make it work.  I have a feeling that you already have the dedication part which stems from love; so I’m going to show you how to put the rest into place. Read more »

Thanks for Watching!

Thank you to everyone who tuned in and watched me last night on TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive!

Wasn’t that an AMAZING transformation?  I  just wish you could’ve seen all of the hard work that went into it while the cameras weren’t there!  The family really put all they had into it and what a sweet bunch to work with.

That was my FIRST episode, but not my LAST! We’ll be filming another episode starting this month.  I’ll keep you posted on the details as they unfold!

Remember, no matter where you are on the scale of disorganization, Simplified by Bobbie can help!

Watch Bobbie on TLC!

There is some exciting news I’ve been anxiously waiting to share with you.  This past Spring I was contacted by TLC to be the organizer on an episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive!

After the initial skepticism and shock subsided I quickly agreed and then we got to work.  A LOT of time went into working with the client to clear out, organize, and simplify their home; but what an amazing experience it was!

I can’t wait to see the finished episode!  It’s hard to tell how the show will unfold (as TLC shot so much footage).

I hope you’ll tune in and watch along with me.  The air date is Wednesday, December 4.  (As best I know, it will start at 10pm eastern time.)  Double check your guide closer to then and set the DVR!!  ;-)

Remember, no matter where you are on the scale of disorganization, Simplified by Bobbie can help!